Wednesday, January 4, 2017

American Idol Contestant Victim Of Racism - Facebook Deletes His Post

Former American Idol RunnerUp
Bo Bice
Former American Idol Contestant Bo Bice was a victim of racism at Pop-Eyes Chicken in Atlanta Georgia and records what happens.  Facebook then deletes his post saying that it violates community standards even though this is considered a news story!

My post about the racist behavior at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen #4625 received over 45,000 reached, 800 likes, 250 comments and 350 shares in 27hrs. Facebook deleted my post last night and in turn silenced the opinion of all of you and me who are tired of the racist double standards that have infested our society.

All I wanted was an apology... Now, Popeyes's will be hearing from my attorney, and to all you FB fans of mine, I'll be deleting this communist media platform from my devices and life. You took CORPORATE POPEYE'S side Facebook, but you should have checked the validity of their complaint. You cannot stifle my opinion and TRUTHS without it being seemingly one sided. Read trough the post and show me where my words meet the rules that FB has in place for removing posts.

To my friends at Fox News
FOX 5 Atlanta this is the behavior that is running rampant in our society and these sites and companies silence what they don't want people to know about and they are the ones who are running the show.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Known News Blogger To Spend Month In Jail

West Michigan Politics blogger, 27-year-old Brandon Hall of Grand Haven man was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 18 months probation for election fraud he committed while trying to help a Grand Haven attorney get his name on the ballot for a 2012 election.

Hall was accused and admitted to forging signatures on petitions for then judicial candidate Chris Houghtaling.

He was charged with 10 counts of election law forgery in 2013. He successfully appealed the case back down to misdemeanors in Ottawa District Court, Ottawa County Circuit Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals.

The case then went to the Michigan Supreme Court where the Supreme Court said the case should be considered as felonies.

Hall said, after the high court's decision that the case should be tried as a felony, he resigned himself to the fact that he would likely spend some time in jail.

Jurors came back with a guilty verdict on all counts after one hour of deliberation back in November.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

West MI Blogger Who Took Down 2 State Reps Found Guilty Faces 5 Years In Prison

Brandon Hall turned blogger, turned politico, turned blogger
Brandon Hall
was found guilty today of election fraud stemming from a case in 2012.

Hall's claim to fame occurred in 2015 when he broke the story of the affair between former State Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat.

The Michigan Supreme Courthas reinstated felony election-fraud charges against Brandon Michael Hall, who decided to run as a Republican candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives in northern Ottawa County this past year.

The state's high court unanimously reversed the Michigan Court of Appeals and said Hall was properly charged with felony forgery. The Michigan Attorney General's Office is prosecuting Hall for allegedly forging signatures on nominating petitions he circulated for a judicial candidate in 2012.

Hall, 26, of Grand Haven, a conservative political blogger with West Michigan Politics, former candidate for state House, former Grand Haven school board member and convicted thief, faced 10 counts of forgery. That's a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

Hall was charged with 10 counts of election law forgery after the jury took less than an hour to come back with the guilty verdict against Brandon Hall Wednesday afternoon in Ottawa County Circuit Court.

You Deserve To Know... The Truth About The OCRP Election

BARBARA HARRELL                   

Dear fellow Oakland County Republicans,

I know this sort of thing gets old, but you all deserve to be aware of and understand the problems with the latest disingenuous missive from Matt Maddock about the Exec. Committee elections last night. Frankly, that sure sounds like it could have been written by a Democrat. 

To address the errors and misrepresentations, as I was there as a voting member Monday night, I will attempt to address/correct his errors of fact or assumptions within the body of this letter in parentheses and ALL CAPS.

Here we go.....

Matt Maddock posted in Lakes Area TEA Party Facebook page. 

Matt Maddock November 29 at 5:28pm 
"The political process was rigged. Oakland County Republican Party Chair Mungioli cheated again. Right from the start. It's virtually impossible to challenge the Oakland County establishment leadership. That “leadership” carried the night by 8 votes on the Oakland County Executive Committee on Monday and re-elected Theresa Mungioli to another two year term as our County Chair. (FACT: THERESA'S OPPONENT REFUSED THE NOMINATION IN A CLASSY MOVE BEFORE THE VOTING BEGAN, WHICH SHOWED THAT HE WANTS UNITY OF PURPOSE,  RATHER THAN REVENGE AND DIVISION. SHE WAS ELECTED BY A UNANIMOUS BALLOT)

This is how they rigged it: 
This can only accomplished by having all elected officials show up to vote.
That gang included Ruth Johnson, Dave Trott, Mike Bishop, Mike Bouchard, Jim Tedder, Klint Kesto, Kowalls, Crawfords and the rest of the good ol’ boys club of elected officials. These delegates-at-large made up approximately 20 votes of their 8 vote winning margin. (WRONG AGAIN - THERE WAS NO MARGIN AS THERE WAS NO INDIVIDUAL VOTE FOR CHAIR.  
To make matters worse, Mungioli violated our bylaws and issued illegal voting credentials to ex-officio members Dave Trott, Mike Bishop, Howard Klausner and Chris Morse. Ex-officio members are not allowed to vote, according to the bylaws, but Mungioli allowed it! (INCORRECT: 
Despite my floor motion to verify that only eligible members were permitted to vote! (NOPE! MATT'S "FLOOR QUESTION" WAS ANSWERED - TWICE - BY THERESA, AND HE DIDN'T PRESS IT FURTHER OR CHALLENGE IT FROM THE FLOOR THAT NIGHT). 

The rules were written to tilt the tables against grassroots conservatives from the get-go. The sole intention to never, ever give anyone the chance to take the Oakland County Republican Party Chair that isn’t hand-selected by the establishment. Virtually every single elected official always votes against the conservative grassroots and Chair Mungioli openly violated the bylaws and let non-voting members vote. (INCORRECT: SEE ABOVE COMMENT....AND SINCE WHEN DOES MATT MADDOCK GET TO DEFINE WHO IS, AND IS NOT, A "CONSERVATIVE"?).  It was no coincidence. These turncoats rely on the Oakland County Republican Party to ALWAYS make them look good and NEVER EVER EVER challenge or criticize them for their traitorous votes against our party principles. The establishment successfully rigged the party bylaws so THEY always control the Chair. The voice of the precinct delegates has been circumvented by the elected officials. The delegates don’t even trust Mungioli to chair conventions! (DOES NOT APPLY HERE: 

Contrast this with who votes for the State Republican Party Chair. The precinct delegates elected statewide vote. If OCRP bylaws were fair, all Oakland County delegates would be voting for our Oakland County chair. Everyone would have their voice heard, not just the smaller number of executive committee members (stacked against us with 20+ electeds). (STRAW MAN: THAT WOULD BE A PURE DEMOCRACY WHICH WE ARE NOT. I'M SURPRISED SOMEONE WHO LOVES THE CONSTITUTION SO MUCH DOESN'T UNDERSTAND THAT DIFFERENCE). Starting with a 20+ vote lead, the establishment will always control the outcome because of our rotten impostor elected officials who do not represent our treasured values of small government, reduced taxes and fees and a free market studded with liberty. Furthermore, many of our elected officials will never truly represent our values as long as we have open primaries because they DEPEND on the Democrat voters showing up to vote for them…. the most liberal candidates win because Democrats crossover to give them the edge. This collusion must stop. (AGAIN, WHAT GIVES HIM THE RIGHT AND ABILITY TO READ MINDS AND HEARTS AND DEFINE WHAT WE ALL THINK OR FEEL?)

When you think about it, Republicans (and Republican values) do not control our party. Democrats do and the impostor Republicans (some who really are Democrats) are loving this rotten, rigged process. They try to muzzle your concerns by claiming that we have to get all “Republicans” elected. Truth is, very few are actually Republicans because they are elected by Democrat voters! Most of our “Republicans” are really only half-republican. (TRUTH IS,  IT IS THE JOB OF THE COUNTY PARTY TO GET ALL REPUBLICANS ELECTED). 

I know. This is depressing. They want you to give up now. When is the best time to plant a tree, fellow conservatives? Ten years ago. Don't get discouraged. This is a long process. We are only about four hard years into this reclamation of our party and nation. Reclaiming lost liberty is never easy. It wasn’t easy for the Founding Fathers either, but it is a fight that we cannot afford to surrender. ......." 

I won't subject you to the rest of his disingenuous, self-serving rant. The important things to remember here are:

1. If you were elected as a precinct delegate, you deserve, and should assert, the right and respect of assessing and defining yourself. No one else can or should do it for you. 

2. Please do not take the rants of one paranoid guy with a chip on his shoulder as gospel. You deserve better treatment as a fellow grassroots Republican volunteer than to be used as unsuspecting actors in a revenge plot. 

3 Think about the words and terms he uses to describe those with whom he disagrees ...."traitorous"..."half-Republican"...."rotten imposters"...."cheaters". Really? In the few years he has been around, I have never heard Theresa or any of the OCRP leadership refer to him or his followers in terms such as that.  

4. Remember - it was Matt who insisted on continuously referring to the OCRP Exec. Committee passed rules for the last county convention as "the Mungioli rules" seemingly as a signal to his supporters to reject them in favor of his MCC ones (which only those lucky enough to be at his secret pre-meeting got to see a night or two before the convention). However, the OCRP rules were available for any and all precinct delegates to see on the OCRP web site for at least a couple weeks prior to the convention earlier this month.

All I'm trying to tell you here is to demand integrity, honesty, and respect for your volunteer work and elected position. Be discerning. Reject vitriol. Dig deeper into why some people seek to control and use may not know the whole story and shouldn't be used as chess pieces in a game of personal revenge. You all - every one of you - deserve better, as does the GOP at large if we are going to work together to elect as many of the most conservative Republicans we can. Talk with others. Listen to them. Then make your best argument for your case.....without using the LATP/MCC scorched-earth ad hominem tactics as a model. 

THAT is what will grow the GOP....when they see us walk the walk. Then, they just might want to come along. 

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this. 

Barbara Harrell
GOP State Committee - 11th Congressional District
President - Troy-Clawson Republican Forum
OCRP Executive Committee 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hillary On Verge Of Finishing 3rd Place In Utah Election

Don't look now but if the presidential election were held today in Utah, Donald Trump would win and Hillary Clinton would end up in 3rd place behind a local candidate named Evan McMullin.

CBS News 2016 Battleground TrackerUtah
Sample 951 Likely Voters

Conducted October 12-14, 2016Margin of Error
 ± 5.7%

1. How much attention have you been able to pay to the 2016 Presidential campaign so far?
A lot ............65%
Not much ... 6%
No attention so far ... 0%

2. How likely is it that you will vote in the 2016 Presidential election in November?
Definitely will vote .......................................................91%
Probably will vote ........................................................ 6%
Maybe will vote .......................................................... 1%
Probably will not vote .................................................... 0%
Definitely will not vote ....................................................0%
Already voted early or by mail ............................................1%
Don’t know ...............................................................0%

3. If the 2016 presidential election were being held today and the candidates were HillaryClinton, the Democrat, and Donald Trump, the Republican, who would you vote for?

Voters selecting someone else in the initial question were given a choice of a selection of third party candidates 

Hillary Clinton ...........................................................20%
Donald Trump .......................................................... 37%
Gary Johnson ............................................................7%
Evan McMullin ..........................................................20%
Jill Stein ................................................................. 1%
Someone else ........................................................... 4%
Not sure ................................................................11%
Probably won’t vote ...................................................... 0%

Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Partial List Of Why You Shouldn't Vote For Hillary

A concise list of reasons why Hillary is ill suited to be POTUS and why she is a terrible person

  • She lied about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary
  • She lied throughout her Whitewater scandal
  • She lied about taking "sniper fire" when visiting the Balkans during 90s
  • She lied about Benghazi, including its cause claiming it was all over an offensive youtube video
  • She lied throughout her email scandal and continues to lie about it
  • She lied about being broke after leaving the White House
  • She described blacks as being "super-predators"
  • She hired a VP of Goldman-Sachs to be her 2016 campaign manager despite being against the banks and Wall Street
  • She received millions of dollars from Goldman-Sachs for "speaking engagements" and refuses to release the transcripts
  • Her "charity" received tens of millions of dollars from Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, and UBS
  • Her "charity" received tens of millions of dollars from China, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, and the UAE
  • Her "charity" is also under investigation by the FBI and State Department
  • She supported the terrorist group called Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Turkey
  • She voted for the Patriot Act twice
  • She was "adamantly against illegal immigration" before she was for it
  • She was opposed to gay marriage before she was for it
  • She was a lawyer who defended a child rapist and laughed at the plight of the 12 year old rape victim
  • She approved the sale of US uranium to Russian nuclear corporations in exchange for millions of dollars in donations to her "charity"
  • She gave out eight Secretary of State's Awards for Corporate Excellence, and seven were to corporations that donated millions to her "charity"
  • She stole $200,000 worth of furniture from the White House after her husband's presidency and hasnt returned all of it
  • She lied about being "dead broke" and in debt after leaving the White House
  • Many Secret Service agents say she is an absolute nightmare to be with and has a horrible personality and attitude towards others
  • Has literally, many times, pulled the woman card as to why you should vote for her and why she would be a good president
  • She lied about applying to join the Marines and also about being rejected
  • She went on about being pro woman and a defender of women but was caught paying male staffers more than her female ones for the same work
  • She claims to be on the side of women over sexual assault and rape and that we should believe them, except of course for the 12+ women who claimed to have been raped or assaulted by him or have been involved in affairs with him
  • She claims women are the primary victims of war, and not the men who fight and die
  • Her campaign's largest donors and backers are big banks and corporations
  • She supported NAFTA despite claiming otherwise
  • A large KKK chapter in California has endorsed her and donated over $20,000 to her campaign and she has yet to disavow
  • She and her husband were close friends with the late Senator Robert Byrd who had been in the KKK his whole life, attaining the high level rank of Exalted Cyclops
  • She and her husband along with Obama and Biden attended his funeral and gave heart felt eulogies and talk about his great life and work he did *Her husband is tied to Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire involved in dozens of scandals and investigations for child sex on his private island and personal jet, both of which Bill Clinton has been on dozens of times and which Hillary Clinton defends

Picture of Hillary Clinton claiming to be pro woman and saying all survivors of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported. Also includes the list of woman who have accused Bill Clinton of rape and sexual assault, while she continues to defend and support him

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Against Parent's Demands Michigan Education Board Votes For Males To Have Rights To Female Private Areas

Michigan's education board has approved guidance to schools on creating an inclusive environment for LGBTQ students.

The State Board of Education voted 6-2 Wednesday afternoon in favor of the guidance after receiving additional public comments the majority of which were against this proposal

Equality Michigan released the following statement after the vote: 

Today, we won an important victory for LGBTQ students and school safety. The State Board of Education voted 6-2 to adopt a guidance on how Michigan schools can create safe learning environments for all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. This guidance is the result of months of hard work by pro-equality advocates and organizations from across Michigan working together and speaking with one voice. It’s one more example of what our community can accomplish when we stand united in support of full equality.

At a time when far too many politicians are trying to score political points at the expense of the LGBTQ community, Equality Michigan commends the State Board, particularly President John Austin, for their unwavering support of this important guidance. When our opponents tried to threaten and intimidate these pro-equality public officials, they stood strong. The importance of their commitment cannot be overstated. As far too many of you are all too aware, anti-LGBTQ bullying, harassment, and violence are pervasive in our schools.

Proposed recommendations to schools include making good faith efforts to address students by their chosen name and pronoun when asked. The guidance also urges schools to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity.

The board felt this was for the safety of the students?  Really how safe is it to have men in women's facilities?  Don't women have a right to privacy as well?